Kenya seeks US support against ivory trade

Kenya’s campaign against trade in elephant ivory goes before the US Congress Wednesday as the government solicits support for its proposal for a 20-year moratorium.
A senior scientist from the Kenya Wildlife Service left for Washington DC Monday to testify about wildlife issues before a US House of Representative committee on Natural Resources.
Patrick Omondi, KWS Head of Species Conservation and Management will brief the committee on the state of elephant poaching with a view to enlisting the US support in opposing Tanzania and Zambia’s proposals to carry out a one-off sale of almost 110 tonnes of ivory.

If there is any question about whether the ivory trade is still alive and well look at these new products on the market.

And where does the ivory come from to make these fine examples of conspicuous consumption?

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6 Responses to “Kenya seeks US support against ivory trade”

  1. Akhilesh Chipli Says:

    destroyer of this mejestic animal (elephant) should condem worldwide.

  2. thats just so messd up leave tha elephants alone how would you feel if i shot n chopped off ur teeth

  3. Deborah Kingston Says:

    This is a long and painful death for these otherwise magnificent ,beautiful and gentle giants leave them alone! That’s all they ask..

  4. Hema Bedasie Says:

    I can’t believe innocent, sentient beings are slaughtered to fulfill such vain and selfish human wants!

  5. himanshu behera Says:

    we should codemen such an evil act n should immediately take some atrict action against those cruel murderes

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