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It is HERE …

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I know a lot of you have been asking when and some of you who are our beta testers already saw this and gave us your feedback……. We are almost done and would love to hear your thoughts..Its its with GREAT Pleasure that I present the New Bush Warriors website …..

New Website Coming Soon!

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Some of you may be wondering why Bush Warriors has been quieter than usual recently. As we approach our second year, thanks to our incredible community, the organization’s tremendous growth has prompted the need for a new website, which we will be launching soon. In the meantime, we will be sharing our most popular posts along with some new and exciting initiatives! Stay tuned!…..

Hurricane Irene Live

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Here are some images of  Hurricane Irene as she approached the eastern coast of Unites states right out of Sarah’s house about an hour ago…


This what it was like yesterday…..

Stay safe….

Video of the day: Vulture Whisperer….Today only 2900 breeding pairs of the Cape Vulture remain worldwide

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Meet an extraordinary lady, Kerri Wolters, somewhat of a “vulture whisperer” is a determined presence in the conservation world. Her ability to connect with and handle these birds as well as, to conduct wild captures, puts Kerri among the very few who recognize and advocate the vital role vultures play within society. Kerri takes us on a Path into the Future exploring not only threats on vulture survival, such as the muti trade and urbanization but the wealth of knowledge and freedom that these birds can pass on to the human race. Taking a unique opportunity to para-glide, Kerri goes beyond the confines of the vulture enclosure and gains a perspective of life through the eyes and wings of the birds. Gliding with these misunderstood creatures Kerri’s eyes are further opened to the amount of beauty and wonder the modern world misses out on, she invites us as individuals to experience nature and thus gain an understanding of why this planet so deserves our protection. Today only 2900 breeding pairs of the Cape Vulture remain worldwide. To learn more about this extraordinary bird and the efforts to keep these pairs alive pls visit Path into the Future is produced by Green Renaissance Productions. For more info go to –

Where Have All The Yaks Gone? Trace Foundation to Discuss the Ecological Future of the Tibetan Plateau With the People of New York City

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Once envisioned as a pastoral paradise shrouded in mystery, the Tibetan plateau is facing tremendous social and environmental changes in the 21st century. Climate change and environmental policies are having a dramatic affect on the region’s ecosystem.

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Live from the Congo: Poachers and Fresh Poop, But Still No Elephant Sitings

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Trip and I returned to camp the previous day empty handed after a week of bushwhacking through the jungle searching for elephants.  The only trace of “lox”—the locals’ term for forest elephants—that we’d seen was a pile of bones left behind by poachers some years ago.  Luckily one of the other teams had better luck, and had collected the first five elephant scat samples of the project.  As we relaxed at camp after Major Guy flogged the rapist, news came in via satellite phone that five more samples had been collected near the village of Katopa in the northern part of the TL2 wilderness.  With samples from the northern and central parts of the area, it was time for us to head south.  In the meantime, a team would head much deeper into the central part of the wilderness and continue searching for elephants.  Ultimately, we hope to end up with scat samples from as wide an area as possible to ensure a comprehensive representation of elephant genetics.  We also hoped to actually do some scat collecting ourselves.

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Bush Warriors Photography & iLCP: Celebrating the International Year of Forests with Amy Gulick

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Being a conservation photographer is more than just tripping the camera shutter. The real work begins after the pictures are made. What defines an iLCP photographer is a commitment to using powerful images for conservation. A shining example of this commitment is iLCP Fellow Amy Gulick. She takes the time to step out from behind the camera and put her images in front of those who can make a difference.

2011 is the International Year of Forests as designated by the U.N. General Assembly — perfect timing to showcase Amy’s work on the Tongass National Forest of Alaska and call attention to one of the most magnificent forests on Earth.

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