Images of the Bushmeat Trade

To learn more about the Bushmeat Crisis click on the links below:

Click here learn more  about the Bushmeat Crisis…

3 Responses to “Images of the Bushmeat Trade”

  1. Animal Lover Says:

    Pls. stop this. They’re getting endangered because of you.

  2. occular1 Says:

    Shrunken-stomachs, withered-skin-tightened-over-brittle-bone, and chronic
    poverty does not make for good listeners. On top of that, it is common belief in Africa that wild-animals do not have souls, ergo the term *fair game*. You are speaking to an historic practise and bloated problem. If we can use the internet to stand back and criticize others, then we should be able to stand up and address the problem with actions, not mere words and
    useless babble….

  3. It’s terrible !

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