Elephants, lions snared every week

EACH week, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has to rescue an elephant or lion from a wire snare.The snares, set up by poachers, are fixed on fences or trees to trap the animals.

Snared Elephant

Many animals are killed every year by wire snares that are not the target of the poachers, even animals that draw visitors to Africa like lions.

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2 Responses to “Elephants, lions snared every week”

  1. Ines Lourenço Says:

    so sad.. what can we do?? Write letters? what ideas do you have..?

    • Right now we are working on creating awareness for this issue on the digital social scene world wide. Pls share our blog and feeds with your friends and create links to it. Soon will will share with you and the world some projects we are working on to she some light on the situation. Keep your reading our blog and you will see soon. Thank you for following us and spreading the word

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