Experts Conclude That Bushmeat is a Menace to East African Wildlife

Researchers and conservationists from Kenya , Tanzania, Uganda and Southern Sudan concluded on 8 December 2009 that bushmeat was indeed one of the major threats to wildlife and peoples livelihoods. The experts, who had gathered for a two day workshop in Kampala, Uganda concluded that unless efforts are taken to eradicate this problem, then wildlife and peoples livelihoods would suffer.

Skinned and gutted for bushmeat

Read more about illegal East African bushmeat here

One Response to “Experts Conclude That Bushmeat is a Menace to East African Wildlife”

  1. You have hundreds of hunters coming into Africa every year from which African countries make big bucks. Offer some hunts for poachers to these guys and let them solve your problem. They just want to kill something anyway…and believe me, it will be a hard hunt, maybe too hard, for most of them. It’s one thing to be hunting and another to be hunted. The word would get out.

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