Rangers Burn Tiger Cub and Hack Feet Off For Tantric Ritual

An incident that caused a great deal of uproar in the Indian conservation community. This shocking incident of the burning of a mutilated tiger cub’s carcass occurred  in Pench tiger reserve.

Four tiger pads have been recovered and three forest rangers  with the Chairman of the Eco-development Society (constituted by the Forest department) have been arrested under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. The incident has been confirmed by the Chief Conservator of Forests, in-charge of territorial Chindwara circle, G Krishnamurthy.

(images not from the actual incident)

The cubs pads were chopped off to be used for performing certain tantrik ritual, which they believed would make them wealthy.

To read more about this incident click here….

14 Responses to “Rangers Burn Tiger Cub and Hack Feet Off For Tantric Ritual”

  1. Sarah Baram Says:

    That is absolutely awful. How could someone do that without feeling horrible pangs of guilt? Ugh.

  2. shehla masood Says:

    i have already lodged a complaint on this crime to the chief Wild Life warden of Madhya Pradesh unfortunately nothing has been done so far..
    i will make sure Madhya Pradesh remains a tiger state.

  3. Lynette Lauer Says:

    I hope they die slow and painful, like their victim

  4. Miffy Pittaway Says:

    I would like to loge my complaint of this aboustely horrendous bruality of this discracefull crime to the Chief Wild Life Warden of Madhya Pradesh I was shocked & outraged seeing this shocking fortage & photos of these poor defenseless tiger cub’s on Face-book & wanted to send you my thoughts on this shocking bruality at the hands of the Pench tiger reserve where this brutal burning took place of these gorgeous tiger cub’s.

    I am sure all around the world there is an uproar & people are bringing forward there complaints forward as this is incident of the burning of these multilated tiger cub’s carcass is pure evil & a sickening act & the Pench tiger reserve should be so ASHAMED of themselves for tortuing these tiger cub’s.

    Warmest Regards,
    Miffy Pittaway

  5. Sybelle Foxcroft Says:

    To the Government of India

    The frequency of corruption inside your Government has come to the attention of the world. You have repeatedly allowed the Royal Bengal Tiger of India to be hunted down until it is now spiralling towards extinction.
    You were deemed as guardians of this majestic creatures, however due to you inability to act and protect this CITES Appendix 1 critically endangered species, this beautiful creature is being killed not only by poachers and wildlife traders, but also by internal corrupt Government employees. The tigers does not just belong to India, it belongs to this earth, our earth. We the people of earth will no longer sit quietly and watch you take the last of the tigers.
    Education, communication and management is vitally needed. I will be contacting your office in the very near future to discuss the implementation of education and conservation programs to protect our beloved earths creatures, and vitally important Apex predators.
    Please feel free to contact me direct – cee-4-life@live.com.au

    Sybelle Foxcroft
    Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life

  6. oh my god how can you be so heartless! humans are ruthless killers

  7. This is a criminal act , brutal and heartless !

  8. Bhavika Sicka Says:

    As an Indian, I am completely shocked and disgusted at this. Our country cannot call itself civilised till it puts an end to these barbaric atrocities. Strict measures should be implemented to ensure that these heinous crimes against helpless animals are never repeated, and animal rights protected and respected. By abusing and killing endangered animals, we are endangering our future. We need to raise a voice for the voiceless.

  9. I can’t believe these people were the rangers. I thought as a ranger their job was to protect wildlife and the land they’re on.
    They believed cilling an innocent cub would make them wealthy? Really?
    I hope this only leads to a justified punishment and they get what they deserve and it certainly isn’t wealth!
    And I want to know who hired them in the first place? If you haven’t done background checks on people you should start now.
    Hope that anybody even remotely thinking about doing something like this remembers these fools as examples that this is one ritual that doesn’t work. Pure evil.

  10. We resued a dog whose legs were choped off!!! he is Lucas and I certainly think it must have been donde by thee evil rituals. Nothing good comes from animal cruellty. the only thing they achieve is the terrible reacction to their actions, but, it is upon animal bodies that agony occurs, we animal lovers and those who see awfull images and videos of disgusting acts that humans do. STOP EATTING FLESH!!!! Everybody on earth is in the right to live, those who murder others, they will also kill a person, it is something proven. We vegetarians and vegans anre less agressive and more evolved.

  11. Disgusting….outrage. I could barely look at the pictures. Needs to be stopped!

  12. Maren Dallmann Says:

    This would be a horrendous crime if it was perpetrated by any citizen of the world, but for the very people who are meant to protect the local wildlife to do this is even worse. I hope they rot in hell but I fear that with all the corruption going on they will be let out pretty soon with a slap on the wrist. Something needs to be done. The local people need to be educated about the corruption of their government as well as the importance of preserving wildlife.

  13. Gruesome , macabre is what one would say. This is one of the reasons why the Tiger population is getting reduced. This misbeliefs and supersttions have bled the Tiger as an animal and its population. Sad, its time such perpetrators are pt to the sword , same as what was done to those cubs!

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