“Poaching War May Be Imminent” Warn South African Police

Two dead and another two gang members were wounded by residents of Pearly Beach South Africa after they were suspected to be behind the robbery of perlemoen from three poachers.  Police fear that a war has broken out between the gangsters and poachers after a gangsters house was attacked and set on fire.  13 people have been arrested and are expected to appear in Gansbaai Magistrate’s Court tomorrow.  Last year president Jacob Zuma said he would consider lifting the ban on perlemoen if poaching stopped; the ban had originally been imposed because of dwindling perlemoen resources.  Last year three poachers drowned in two seperate incidents on the same night, and police fear that fighting will only intesify.

A perlemoen (abalone) still in its shell

Two gangsters from the Diep River area in Cape Town South Africa

Living conditions in the slums of South Africa leading people of all ages, including children, to take to the streets and join gangs or poaching syndicates as a means of subsistence

To read the full article on the poaching war click here

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