Ivory Wars Chad – 27 dead 6 of which in the last 48hrs……

It is with great sadness that we would like to report to you that over the last month 27 elephants were slaughtered in Zakuma National Park. Now more than ever it is importnat to support our friends in the Chadian government and SOS Elephants of Chad in their fight with the poachers and protecting the last of Chad great elephant herds.  These magnificent herds have endured, tribal rivalries, slave trade, colonialism, droughts and civil war. But unfortunately can not stand the pressure for the Asian Ivory lust…..

For those who are interested in donating to SOS to support their conservation and education pls let us know and we will give you all the details.

2 Responses to “Ivory Wars Chad – 27 dead 6 of which in the last 48hrs……”

  1. my heart breaks for these animals… 😦 how could people do such a thing??!

  2. Anne Maher Says:

    This is an overwhelming tragedy. Firstly the elephants of Chad, the good members of the Chadian Govt and all those fighting to save these elephants. Throw the Asians out. Do you need their blood money? The corruption and greed and brutality is sickening. I hope all members of CITIES are watching and remember their reluctance to take adequate measures much much earlier. I hope INTERPOL is watching and about to descend on these murderers. What can we do in time??? We all have a responsibility to bring awareness to the global community everywhere we can to change this shocking situation. There’s not much time left to save these African elephants! They need us – as do the Rhinos. PS These charming people are carrying decent size equipment to inflict this destruction on an animal – aren’t they?

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