One of World’s Last Javan Rhinos Murdered by Poachers in Vietnam

A Javan rhino, one of the world’s rarest large mammals, has been found shot dead with its horn chopped off in a national park in southern Vietnam, a suspected victim of poachers.

A team of rangers found the rhino’s carcass April 29 inside Cat Tien National Park in Dong Nai province, said park official Bach Thanh Hai. It had already fully decayed, and authorities believe it could have died more than three months ago, he said.

Hai said the animal had been shot one time through the front leg and its horn — considered a valuable ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine — had been removed.

Authorities suspect that there are only three to five Javan rhinos left in Vietnam!

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One Response to “One of World’s Last Javan Rhinos Murdered by Poachers in Vietnam”

  1. Anne Maher Says:

    Surely the size of that horn isn’t worth killing for??? How can we target much more concentrated information and education towards Asia to destroy this myth that Rhino Horn has any medicinal benefits AT ALL. There is google, inernet etc why can’t we get to Asia with this information??? We have to destroy to corrupt grab for money due to this myth and falsehood. For the Javan Rhino is probably too late. CITIES discovered they have left several issues too long and now it nearly too late here as well – like the Tiger. Save the Rhino show us all how to be more effective. Interpol has to be involved with the local authorities as we know.

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