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“After the Rains, There is Beauty”

Photo credit: Jill Vickerman


The Angulate Tortoise, like the one in Jill’s photo, is named after the black triangles on the marginal scutes. It is native to South Africa and can also be found in a small area inside Namibia.  Without proper permits, it is illegal to capture Angulate Tortoises in the wild to keep as pets in both South Africa and Namibia because all tortoises in both of these countries are protected species. While not endangered, the Angulate Tortoise could suffer future declines if populations and habitat are not closely monitored.

 Tortoises, especially those that are small and young, are often victims of the black market pet trade. Earlier this year, biologists and conservationists announced that Radiated Tortoises (similar to Angulates in that they also have beautiful markings on their shells) are being collected for use in the illegal pet trade to such an extreme that they are now dangerously close to extinction.  Yet, only a decade ago their populations were considered stable!  Certain pet expos are notorious for having exotic animals (especially tortoises) available for sale, regardless of their population status in the wild.


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