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Tattoo by Den.


This curious creature can be found only in Australia along the eastern shore.  One of the strangest mammals on earth, the platypus lays leathery eggs similar to a snake or lizard.  Instead of nipples, the female platypus secretes milk from two round patches of skin, which the young slurp up with rhythmic sweeps of their stubby bill.  Males are unique too, having a venomous spur on each of their hind legs.  The toxin these spurs deliver is strong enough to kill a small dog!

While the platypus is listed by the IUCN as a species of ‘least concern’ and is protected by the Australian government, there are several emerging threats to their continued existence.  Mortality rates are  increasing along their northern range, as a result of intensified patterns of flooding and drought driven by global climate change.  Also, poor land management has caused bank erosion, stream sedimentation, poor water quality, and heavy metal contamination. The continuation of these practices will only lend to further mortality and decreased reproduction.


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