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International Crime Syndicates Involved in Murder and Mutilation of Wildlife in East and Central Africa

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Africa’s largest-ever investigation of wildlife crime has unearthed a ton of illegal African elephant ivory, several animal pelts, and hippopotamus teeth, the Kenya Wildlife Service and INTERPOL announced this week. The undercover operation, coordinated by INTERPOL—the world’s largest international police organization—booked more than 60 alleged criminals in five African countries.

A victim of poaching

Among those caught were four Chinese nationals attempting to smuggle ivory curios out of Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The rapidly growing presence of China in Africa is seen as a major driver of the ivory trade, experts say. Between 1998 and 2006, Chinese authorities seized an average of 39 tons of ivory each year, according to the United Nations Elephant Trade Information System.

Hippo’s have not only been a target of Bushmeat but their teeth and bones are used for carvings and jewelry

But wildlife authorities who participated in the sting—code-named Project Baba for Gilbert Baba, a Ghanaian ranger killed in the line of duty—say small-time traffickers arrested in recent weeks will lead them to bigger players.

Pendants from Congo made out of Hippo Teeth

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The Last Stand of the Gorilla: Guerrilla Warfare has beocome a MAJOR threat for Mountain Gorilla Survival

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Scientists warn that all gorillas could be killed in the Congo River Basin by the mid 2020s if action is not taken.  Militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have greatly exacerbated the poaching problem by smuggling bush meat through the same channels as timber, diamonds, and gold.  The UN Environmental Program (UNEP) warms that the current rate of habitat destruction and poaching on gorillas is well above a sustainable level.

An orphaned gorilla from near the Loanga National Park

Malnourished Orphaned baby gorilla for sale in local market

Current distribution of gorillas in Africa

A gorilla being butchered for sale at a bush meat market

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INTERPOL Operation TRAM: 18 countries, Seizure valued at $15M, Arrests worldwide

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An INTERPOL operation targeting the illegal trade in traditional medicines containing protected wildlife products has resulted in a series of arrests worldwide and the seizure of thousands of illegal medicines worth more than $15 million.

Officers from the Corpo Forestalle dello Stato check for illegal wildlife medical products. More than 30,000 seizures  were made in Italy alone.

Indian officials inspect traditional medicines for wildlife airport at Kolkata airport.

Pre processed rhino horn

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Poachers kill more than 100 elephants a day

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Jeppe Villadsen writes from Kenya
More than two tonnes of ivory. And over 100 people arrested. It was a catch, then the international police organization Interpol last week concluded its largest operation in Africa against illegal wildlife trade. A larger quantity leopard, crocodile and pythons flanges kind were also confiscated.
Record catch is unfortunately a sign that in recent years has been a large increase in poaching and illegal trade in animals.

Ivory and even sometimes the ends of trunks are removed.  Unfortunately there appears to be an increase in illegal hunting activities in the past few years.

The partially rotted carcass of another elephant poaching victim.  Again, only the tusks were removed after the kill.

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