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Flying with Vultures – Path into the Future….

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Two weeks ago we brought you a clip of an extraordinary lady Kerri Wolter who is also know in some circle as the Vultures whisperer.  We had a lots of feedback and many of you asked to learn more about about the Cape Vulture and what can be done to save this magnificent bird from extinction.

Vultures form an important ecological component of our natural environment, cleaning up dead carcasses, decreasing the spread of some diseases. Today in South Africa  they face an unprecedented onslaught from modern mans developments, including electrocutions and collisions with electrical structures, poisonings, land-use changes, decrease in food availability as well as as Muti uses which are animals used for traditional healing.

Meet Vulture Conservation. A local South African   conservation organization that  has taken vultures under their wings. Their program approaches vulture conservation in a multidisciplinary and networked fashion, with the benefit accruing to both the vulture and society at large. By focusing actions on the vulture, positioned at the top of the food chain (literally) as an indicator of the health of the environment below it, this project is destined to not only influence but also impact on the well-being of South Africa’s natural environment.

Photo Credit – Green Renaissance

Cell-phone tracking devises are used to determine foraging and home ranges of a large number of vultures in Southern Africa. The output from such research allows for the monitoring capture-release of free-ranging vultures, the mapping of areas for further actions, such as community education and the safeguarding of vulture food through the monitoring of vulture feeding grounds.

With the many threats vultures are facing throughout southern Africa, vulture rehabilitation has become an essential part of the Vulture Programme.  Collecting grounded, injured, poisoned and disabled vultures around South Africa, special emphasis within the Gauteng, North West and Limpopo Provinces, Vulture Conservation are able to save many vultures that would have met their untimely death.

To learn more about about this extraordinary organization and Kerri click here….

Video of the day: Vulture Whisperer….Today only 2900 breeding pairs of the Cape Vulture remain worldwide

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Meet an extraordinary lady, Kerri Wolters, somewhat of a “vulture whisperer” is a determined presence in the conservation world. Her ability to connect with and handle these birds as well as, to conduct wild captures, puts Kerri among the very few who recognize and advocate the vital role vultures play within society. Kerri takes us on a Path into the Future exploring not only threats on vulture survival, such as the muti trade and urbanization but the wealth of knowledge and freedom that these birds can pass on to the human race. Taking a unique opportunity to para-glide, Kerri goes beyond the confines of the vulture enclosure and gains a perspective of life through the eyes and wings of the birds. Gliding with these misunderstood creatures Kerri’s eyes are further opened to the amount of beauty and wonder the modern world misses out on, she invites us as individuals to experience nature and thus gain an understanding of why this planet so deserves our protection. Today only 2900 breeding pairs of the Cape Vulture remain worldwide. To learn more about this extraordinary bird and the efforts to keep these pairs alive pls visit Path into the Future is produced by Green Renaissance Productions. For more info go to –