Photo of the Month Poll: May 2011



Click on the photo to be taken to the original post.


Week 1

Photo credit: Chris Wildblood


Week 2

Photo credit: Nobby Natalie Clarke


NOTE: Because the Bush Warriors team was away in South Africa for all of April and part of May, taking action for rhinos, the photo contest was a bit limited. A big thanks to all of our talented photographers who continue to submit their extraordinary work! Bravo!

The winner of the Bush Warriors Photo of the Month will win a Bush Warriors T-Shirt and one free month on an Animoto ‘Plus’ account, where you can create a masterpiece video of your photo collection, shareable on YouTube, social networks, email, and even DVD! Make yourself a virtual photo gallery to share with friends, family, and the world!


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The Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest is proudly sponsored byAnimoto:


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