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11 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Thanks for sending the newsletter.
    Ruedi Suter

  2. Because of your sharkiness I have put your blog on my blog! Check out the Links Central page on my blog and you should see your blog under “Blogs”. The page isn’t done yet, so if you want to see a particular description/post on the page just let me know. Awesome blog!

  3. Karen Hanegan Says:

    I would like to subscribe to this site by email. In that way, I can help “spread the word,” so to speak. Thank you very much!

  4. Tchounke Marinette Says:

    Am so impress with this site and the bush warriors organization.Am someone who admires nature very much and love the aspect of forest conservation.I will like to be a part of this organization to fight against poor forest management.All thesame, am so much impressed so far the information i have got here.Thanks

  5. giovanni Says:

    can i get phone number i needed to ask question ,thanks Gio

  6. peter ng'weno Says:

    i have just completed studying BSC in wildlife management and would please like working with you because i love your organization do you have job vacancies please reply

  7. anne-mari Says:

    I am a painter, you can send me all the foto’s of the praid lions and I’ll paint them on marble, donate them all to you and you can sell them by auction. You can mail me at

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