Tigers.  One of the most revered and majestic creatures on our planet, yet so very few are left in the wild due to poaching, habitat loss, conflict with humans, and depletion of their prey.  Sadly, even some captive tigers are at risk, as they are neglectfully bred in deplorable “tiger farms” for one sole purpose.  They are bred to die, so that they can supply the demand for their body parts.

Photo credit: Aditya Singh

Forty years of conservation efforts have failed to halt the rapid and significant decline of these apex predators.  Subspecies have disappeared one after another.  We lost the Bali Tiger in the 1940’s, both the Caspian and the Javan Tigers in the ‘70s, and today the South China Tiger is thought to be extinct in the wild.

Photo credit: Aditya Singh

The 2010 “Year of the Tiger” may be coming to an end, but we believe EVERY year should be the Year of the Tiger.  Let’s all come together in 2011 and beyond to save these big cats and kick some butt!  Their extinction is unacceptable, and this is our last chance to do it before they are gone forever!

Photo credit: Aditya Singh

“Nice” attempts to raise awareness about our planet’s wildlife crises over many years have had only small impacts.  Now, Bush Warriors says, “No more Mr. Nice Guy!”  It is time to put the message right in everyone’s face, where they are forced to see the hard truth! This attitude is how we are going to make a real difference.  It is time for Bush Warriors around the world to unite and scream out against the atrocities that are happening to our fellow earthly neighbors: our wildlife.

Photo credit: Aditya Singh

Think about how many people see what you wear every day.  What if when they looked at your clothing, they didn’t just see it… but it even changed their lives?  Every day we inch closer and closer to losing some of the most fascinating animals on our planet: tigers, rhinos, sharks, elephants, and lions, just to name a few.  A conscious decision as simple as choosing what you wear each day can CHANGE the future for these creatures. Now, Bush Warriors provides you with another way of getting involved, with our first line of t-shirts!

Photo credit: Aditya Singh

Our first t-shirt gives us all an opportunity to stand up on behalf of the last 3,000 wild tigers and say, “NO MORE! By wearing this shirt, you become an ambassador for change.  You will be a voice for tigers, putting their message in plain view and bringing awareness to their plight.  The shirt shows we aren’t messing around anymore.  It reads:

When you wear it, people (even perfect strangers) will undoubtedly ask you about it.  This gives you an opportunity to inform them about how close we are to losing our tigers and why that is so.  You can direct them to our website for more information.  Even if they don’t ask, they will be able to see our web address on your shirt.  They can visit us in hyperspace to learn more about this movement and find inspiration to join us in this fight to save these extraordinary felines!

Photo credit: Mike Fernandez

Our tees are made in the U.S. and all profits from them will go straight to the Bush Warriors Fund to support our international efforts in bringing awareness to this endangered species, ending the demand for their parts, and will ultimately finance on-the-ground projects to halt the decline of the regal tiger and prevent its loss from our fragile planet.

Photo credit: Aditya Singh

The Bush Warriors t-shirt line will provide you with a way to become a LOUD voice for those who don’t have one and join the fight for those who have no defense against humanity.  More in-your-face designs are soon to come, so stay tuned!

Say it LOUD.  Wear it PROUD.



Asante sana,

Dori & The Bush Warriors Clan

Our Founder, Dori Gurwitz, showing off his new favorite shirt!



  1. aishwarya sridhar Says:

    I want to buy many t shirts but In India.. Can you tell me from where in Mumbai can I buy them…Please…help me …I support the tiger cause and am ready to do my best.

    • Sarah Pappin Says:

      Hi Aishwarya-
      You can purchase them online and we will ship them to you 🙂 Unfortunately, we are only equipped to sell them online. If you click on the link at the bottom of the page, it will take you to our online store where you can buy them. Let us know if we can be of any further help. Thanks and we hope to see you at the store soon!

  2. Thank you,sometimes I feel so helpless.Illness does not allow me” to get out in the field” but I care so much about other creatures that I ,to quote Bruce Coburn,”If I had a rocket launcher some son of a bitch would die….”.Good on ya

  3. where can i get one in australia

  4. Shobha Malhotra Says:

    What sizes are avaliable and price. Pls confirm if the fabric is cotton?

  5. betty murphy Says:

    does BW have any totes “for the eles”???????

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