Photo of the Month Winners

Congratulations to our grand prize winners of  Bush Warriors Photo Of The Day.  The winner of the Bush Warriors Photo of Month will win a Bush Warriors T-Shirt and a free one month pass on an Animoto ‘Plus’ account, where you can create a masterpiece video of your photo collection, shareable on YouTube, social networks, email, DVD, or pretty much anywhere else that you can upload videos!  Photo of the Month winners will go on to compete for Bush Warriors Photo of the Year, which will include some very cool prizes.  Stay tuned!!

March 2011: Frank Solomon


February 2011: Tim Hearn


January 2011: Laura Cornish


December 2010: Karin Vermaak Heroux


November 2010: Nick Turner


October 2010: Peter Thomas


September 2010: Juanita Trollip


August 2010: Fred von Winckelmann


July 2010: Dipen Chudasama


June 2010: Shazaad Kasmani


May 2010: Giamoco Ocomaig


Winner: Timothy Merkel

One Response to “Photo of the Month Winners”

  1. TracyChewie Says:

    You never did tell me if that poor cat was alive…

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