Tattoo of the Day


Tattoo by Matt DUFFenbach.


The Giant Panda is found only in southwestern China, in six small forest fragments at altitudes above 4,000 feet.  Their limited range is attributed to their dependance on their main food source, bamboo.  Their coloration has fascinated us for years, but scientists only have theories to why they have such contrasting black and white colors.  One idea is that the coloration helps them stand out in the forest to aid in finding mates. Another is that the contrasting color may be camouflage in the treetops and bamboo.  Each panda’s markings are unique and varies from black and white to a rare brown and white variation. Panda’s were subject to poaching for their fur in the past, but harsher punishments for poachers has greatly reduced the incidence. Currently, habitat loss and shortages of bamboo are the primary threats Giant Pandas face.


Remember: Tattoos are forever… and so is extinction.  To see all of the FANTASTIC art featured on Bush Warriors Tattoo of the Day, and to learn more about this initiative, please click here.  You can also share photos of your own wildlife tattoos and enjoy others’ at our Facebook group, Bush Warriors Inked Nation for Conservation.

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