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Photo credit: Nick Turner


Zebra foals are born with brown and white coloration, and develop the black and white coloring with age.  For the first few days of their life, the mother will keep her foal away from the rest of the herd, until it learns her smell and voice.  Zebra foals are able to run within an hour of birth!
These horse relatives might appear to have fat abdomens.  In truth, it is bloating caused by the bacteria in their gut, which helps them to digest food.  Fat is stored in the animals neck, which enables scientists to determine the health of the zebra quickly.  Healthy animals will have a thick layer of fat around the neck, causing their mane of hair to stand upright.


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7 Responses to “Photo of the Day”

  1. Allan Yorkowitz Says:

    There are 3 animals my heart has gone out for: zebras, elephants, and giraffes. Probably because all they want to do is live in peace. I know nature does what it has to do, but, I love the fact they are part of the planer.

  2. Thank you for that information, I didnt know that…about them storing their fat in their neck…very good to know!

  3. betty murphy Says:

    not so sure I like the Caption for this foto….zebra…licious????nooo…it’s one of the reasons they are slaughtered…..could it be changed???maybe???
    thanks !!!!

  4. Thanks all for your responses!
    Betty- When I use the term “licious” I am using it in the following context:
    A suffix that can be placed at the end of most words. Once it is placed at the end of a word, it is used to describe a group of [animals] who are very cool, awesome, and whom everyone envies and wants to be just like. (Definition #2 in the urban dictionary-
    I’ve always thought zebras were awesome, so the suffix fits!

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