Wildlife Photography Workshop: Quick Update

Hello Everyone,

For all our Bush Warriors Wildlife Photography Workshop fans who just like us were wondering what  happened to this weekend workshop, here is your answer:

For those of you who don’t know,  these workshops come to us from deep within the South African bush. Gerry van der Walt who writes these fantastic posts lives deep within the South African bush running amazing wildlife photography safaris. To learn more about these amazing photo safaris click HERE…

Unfortunately Gerry’s lodge lost its internet connection and its been a few days and they are still waiting on a technical  team to come in and fix it. Through smoke signals and an internet connection in a different lodge we got the message from Gerry that by next week the internet connection should be up and running and we can expect another fantastic workshop by next Friday.

Until than he sends you all his best wishes and a restful weekend ;o)

For those of you who are joining in for the first time, click on the link below for the previous workshops so that you can catch up, practice and join us next week:

Click HERE for past workshops…

Have a GREAT weekend ;o)

Dori & the Bush Warriors Clan

One Response to “Wildlife Photography Workshop: Quick Update”

  1. betty murphy Says:

    Thanx, Dori and BW….you do the same……FOR THE ANIMALS!!!!

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