Introducing Wildlife Photography Workshop with Gerry van der Walt!

Since the day we launched Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest, we have been receiving  many comments and emails about how wonderful the photos are and often receive emails and messages asking how one can perfect their wildlife photography skills and talents.  This great interest in Wildlife Photography has prompted us to partner up with the super talented and leading South African Wildlife Photographer    Gerry van der Walt in launching this new initiative for our Bush Warriors wildlife photographers and wildlife photography fans all around the globe!

Photo credit: Gerry van der Walt

Gerry is a highly skilled, very talented photographer with many years of experience in African wildlife photography.  He is the founder of a leading South African photographic safari outfit,  Photo-Africa. Gerry believes photography is about capturing the moment and telling a story with a single image.  He says, “It’s about seeing light, texture, composition, emotion. Ultimately your equipment is not as important as having vision – being able to see the image even before clicking the shutter.”

Gerry van der Walt

Each week Gerry will bring you a new tip that will enable you to capture the best wildlife photographs possible.  Noting each week’s tips and advice, you should be able to see your skills improving as we go along.  Gerry’s advice and tips will focus on Africa, his specialty, but can be applied to any animal, anywhere in the world.

Photo credit: Gerry van der Walt

We are very excited to bring you “ Bush Warriors Wildlife Photography Workshop”!  We hope that you will enjoy this weekly feature, put the tips into practice, and share your photos with our Facebook group: Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest. Wildlife photography is a fantastic way to appreciate nature and foster conservation… Have fun and ENJOY!

Asante sana,

Dori and The Bush Warriors Clan

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    Thanks for all of these beautiful photos!

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