Poll: Should Rhino Horns Be Poisoned?

On Monday we brought you a story that made headlines and stirred up a lot of emotions. In case you missed it, see:  “Unpleasant Surprise for Rhino Horn Consumers: Poisoned Rhino Horns“.

We want to do a survey and find out what the world is thinking.  So we ask you:  Should rhino horns be poisoned?


This is the result of poaching rhinos for their horns……


…as opposed to a naturally happy, ALIVE rhinos like this one…


Please feel free to share this with everyone you can, and post it in all your social media hubs. We will publish the results of this survey on Friday, August 6th.  You can also use this short link to direct people to this poll: http://wp.me/pH76q-17r


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24 Responses to “Poll: Should Rhino Horns Be Poisoned?”

  1. Interesting…when I vote,it allows me to go back and vote again.


    I personally think it’s MURDER & HUGE LAW-SUIT just waiting to happen!!!

    . . . My main concern is that it will only serve to HURT the RHINO’S CAUSE!!!

    . . . For those reasons, I’m Voting “NO”!!!

  3. Jan Stander Says:

    use a poison which takes a long time to kill. make the b!^@%#$S suffer.

  4. Since it won’t hurt the rhinos, I say go ahead.

  5. Kill all the poachers. Leave our Rhinos alone!

  6. geminiani Says:

    je suis contre tout forme de violence envers les animaux..

  7. Could be good to have a law suit.Because then the courts would have to address the question of the efficacy of rhino horn in Traditional Chinese Medicine upon the world stage.And perhaps expose it internationally as folklore!
    In reality, the death of any end user,would probably be covered up because the prescriber and all the wholesalers won’t want public scrutiny of their role in illegal rhino horn trading.
    So to possibility of a court case,bring it on!

  8. William Meade Says:

    Get this in lots of newspapers around the world and maybe it will make
    them think twice about taking it

    • sarahthewildlifewarrior Says:

      William- Yes!! More people need to know about this! Please do whatever you can to help us get the word out. Please share our links with everyone you know, and if you have connections with newspapers or any other influential resources… you know what to do. Tell, tell, tell. Share, share, share. Fight, fight, fight…. FOR RHINOS AND OTHER WILDLIFE!

      Dori & The Bush Warriors Clan

  9. Charmaine Says:

    I totally agree with Jody….a simple “yes” would suffice. I also feel that this should be done with very stern warnings to these Asian countries that encourage this dispicable trade.

  10. alonso weber Says:

    porque no dejan a los animales en PAZ!!!

  11. sue murray Says:


  12. Joan Pappin Says:

    I support this effort in trying to find a way to stop these poachers. Educating the public in all countries is definitely a start- and educating the people in the countries where the poaching is going on is important as well from their perspective—what is their belief system??–do they not honor animals. Help them find another way to make a living–and of course supply and demand. Take the demand away….

    • Good luck with that!… because it won’t work, at least not for the majority and it would take many years and many more butchered rhino’s for that to happen. Making the horns deadly could be the way forward. It may seem insane but it could WORK!

  13. ant cranswick Says:

    yes bring it on .. publically announce to the world that rhino horns are going to be poisoned ( preferably with something that has no antidote)
    I agree with jody and charmaine a simple yes vote would probably get more votes.

  14. I had a dream this past Febuary…A Rhino approached me…He was huge and had a dust of dirt around him as if he just finished a “battle”, and I thought, “Oh shit I’m dead”…he began charging me and I noticed this bright white light around him, his horn entered my solar plexis and I felt a serge of power, very great, and intense…the power represented a sense of conviction……Please Speak Out for the Rhino!!!!

  15. YES… if its not harming the Rhino… I think one bad case of maybe a human who thinks it ok to use rhino horn to get them off dying… then people WILL stop buying it and the demand will die down to nothing, making rhino horn both worthless and deadly.

    I don’t know WHY you put “kill them all”??? I can see here that most people are for it because drastic times cause for drastic measures. You could try being responsible all you want and try to up security etc, but this is the best way to putting an end to this horrid business!!!!

  16. I support poisoning the Rhino horn because we are losing our Rhinos at a weekly rate recently. I am appalled by the ongoing battle which we do not seem to be winning. Those involved in trying to save our Rhino are thwarted on every level. To them I want to say, please do not give up. We need you. Anything you might need, please tell us so that we may help in what ever way we can.
    Let’s speak up for those who can’t… SMS SAVE to 31913 to donate R10 to the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Rhino Security Campaign against the poaching of these animals.

  17. i was very upset, when i clicked on the first option but i couldnot find a way out. If the poisoning of the rhino horn doesnt harm the rhino i think we should go ahead with it. “Responsibility & Concerns” will never come because if they would have then these killings would have stopped a long time back. And like every other time, the name “CHINA/VIETNAM” did pop up. Go to http://www.youtube.com and see what brutalities these chinese people are one with. Skinning live animals for fur which include (wild animals and domestic animals like dogs & cats), killing approx 60 million dogs a year including dogs like german sheperds in the most gruesome way. U wanna check it go to http://www.youtube.com then search for “cruelty to animals in china” and see what u find. POISON THE HRONS AND LET THESE POACHERS DIE IN THE SIMILAR GRUESOME WAY

  18. Humans are by far, the strangest of species. I don’t believe we are the most intelligent species on this Planet either. This is why: There are many Humans and animals – which, lets not forget we are a form of, throughout the world who have the ability to show emotion displayed through acts of respect, compassion and harmony to live with other lifeforms other than that of our own. And yet, there are many Humans who do not posses any of these qualities, or feelings. Humans I believe, are the only species who behave in such a selective and irrational manner without reasons to justify such behavior, as opposed to that of other species which inhabit our earth who are born, who live and then die in a life cycle based on the survival of it’s species. So, for People to cause suffering, or to kill, entrap or mame for the purpose of vanity or potions, this cannot be proven to be a legitimate or justifiable act, as such acts are not inherent of the Whole of the Human race – as a needs to ensure the survival of our species. Such acts are in fact, only cruel and evil, and this lack of Humaneness is actually a malfunction, liken to a form of cancer in our species. The sooner the rest of the World wakes up to this fact, then maybe, our ’cause and effect’ on this planet will actually aid the survival of it, and all it’s inhabitants and habitats, for the Right reasons. Asia, Europe, Africa – Stop funding the sick and malfunctioned Individuals who create such unnecessary suffering to other species, such as the Rhino. The more we as a race allow this to carry on, the less Humane we become. Evolution is about survival, not to aid and abet Evil in the world!

  19. YES, kill the traders and the consumers, without them the poachers would be without work and would aply to become a parkranger or antipoachers (as if there will always be poachers unfortunately!)

  20. Yes, guerilla tactics should be fought with guerilla tactics. The poachers are doing this illegally and will eventually wipe out the white rhino. This is happening on game reserves where animals are supposed to be protected by law. If people don’t want to get ill, they don’t have to consume rhino horn. It’s not like rhino horn is being used for cancer even. This is a superfluous product in an era when we have viagra. The government is corrupt and most likely making a profit. I think it’s ingenious. Hooray for the wardens!

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