Bush Warriors Thrills and Kills Photo Contest

Thank you to all who have participated or followed our Photo of The Day series. There have been a tremendous number of submissions and some truly spectacular captures. Here at BushWarriors we are always thinking of innovative ways to promote wildlife and conservation. We believe that through creative ventures such as Photo of The Day the wildlife and conservation communities can actively participate in promoting wildlife conservation and creating awareness for genuine causes. We want to continue with this mission and bring even more variety to you, the viewer.

(Credit: Roger F. Scott)

It is with great pleasure that we expand upon Photo of The Day contest and bring on weekly submissions with a common theme. These can vary from specific species, certain behaviors, ecosystems etc. The first weekly theme that we would like to present is the theme of ‘kills’ or ‘hunts’, to show the raw power of nature and the cycle of life. So please, if you have any great captures that fit into this category please present it our way, we’d love to hear from you. Or, if you have any other ideas as far as possible themes. You can post these directly on the Bush Warriors Photo of the Day Contest Facebook page or send us a direct email to BushWarriors@gmail.com

(Credit: Stefano Prigione)

Winner of the contest will receive a personalized autographed copy of the Wildlife Photography by international award winning wildlife photographer  Uwe Skrczypczak

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