Ivory Wars: Tanzania Government Officially committed to fighting ivory and poaching

Mr Edward Kishe, the acting director general of the Tanzania National Parks (Tanapa), is worried about the rampant poaching in his country and the image that other countries have about Tanzania’s anti-poaching efforts.  Last year alone at least 10 tons of Ivory were seized in Far East that had originated in Tanzania, as well as 70 species of live reptiles.  The Tanzanian government says that they are committed to increasing their law enforcement agencies as well as their cooperation with other governments on curbing the poaching that is occurring in their country.  The Lusaka Agreement task force, that was formed in 1994, is an organization that fights cross border illegal trade in flora and fauna; one of its founding members is Tanzania, and the government hopes to continue with these kinds of projects.

A poached elephant carcass found in a Tanzanian National Park

Park rangers around a dead elephant carcass in Tanzania

Poachers camp in Tanzania

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One Response to “Ivory Wars: Tanzania Government Officially committed to fighting ivory and poaching”

  1. Anne Maher Says:

    Tanzania has allowed this to happen for a number of years now, also affecting the elephants of Kenya living around the borders. Yes, their reputation has definitely suffered. They have not addressed this problem at all. No wonder the park wardens (not involved in the corruption) are upset. They still haven’t realized that releasing their stockpile of ivory for sale, has opened the flood gates to illegal poaching and leaking the ivory into those stockpiles. They have allowed the Amboseli population that has graced international screens for many years to be slaughtered by these corrupt activities. Anyone disagreeing with them are labelled “Anti East African” Wake up Tanzania, your reputation will take generations to recover if you address this even now,.

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