*Warning: Graphic* Slaughter of a family of Elephants – unseen and unheard of by the rest of the world……

About a week ago we brought you coverage from our contacts on the ground, SOS Elephants of Chad, about the horrific killings of a family of Elephants which also resulted in the deaths of 2 Chadian soldiers. It’s a gruesome event which occurs all too often, resulting in the loss of thousands of elephants over the past decade and numerous human lives . We would like to show photographs taken from that scene, though me must warn you they are fairly graphic and are a bit blurry because it was taken from a cell phone. Though it is a sensitive subject and it’s hard to look at these pictures it is imperative that we show the rest of the world what’s really going on behind closed doors, deep in the bush where it remains unseen and unheard of by the rest of the world……………………..

10 Responses to “*Warning: Graphic* Slaughter of a family of Elephants – unseen and unheard of by the rest of the world……”

  1. TracyChewie Says:


  2. so sad

  3. This is so so sad … thanks for sharing.

  4. This is beyond imagination! I am feeling totally helpless in my rage for justice due to that senseless loss.

  5. Anne Maher Says:

    It is absolutely essential, this is run off and sent to CITIES and the South African collection of countries who want to continue slaughter and release their stockpiles of Ivory. This is what they call ‘THEIR NATURAL RESOURCES’ for their use & sale to the greed of foreign countries who think they need Ivory chopsticks and ornaments. I fear for them all when they meet their maker!!

    To Cities credit this time – they are setting up the policing of Ivory and it’s movement around the world. We can only hope it will be very effective very soon and the criminals bought to justice and the Elephants saved from total destruction before too long. Probably already too late for Chad. Deep sorrow at this evidence and the set back for Chad and it’s policing.

  6. You’re right. As horrific as those photos are, we must look at them and realize what is happening. It is all too easy for those of us far away to ignore the devastation of wildlife and the deaths of the men who dedicate their lives to protecting it.

  7. Anita Loppel Says:

    Something awful..it hurts my feeling…everybody responsible, we have to stop this..make a personal effort…common effort to save the mother heart.

  8. Paul Creason Says:

    its a shame this is still going on wherever,these beautiful animals still live in the wild, if this keeps up they will only be in zoos and circus rings

  9. That’s a good point, Paul. Zoos claim that they hold and breed animals for conservation. Circuses justify making noble animals perform stupid tricks because it’s the only way many people will ever see these animals. Neither gives the animals anything resembling a natural life. At best they have an existence.

    Elephants are a keystone species. Their activities open habitat for other animals. Without elephants, there are other animals that will not survive either. This poaching must stop.

  10. Vanessa and Jamie Says:

    Jamie says- I hate how people kill and hunt for animals. It is wrong

    Vanessa says – It is very horrible how people kill the animals and then leave the body for voltures and rodents to eat. i also hate how they kill the animals for no reason.

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