Bushmeat Diseases Now Entering New York

Officials in New York have identified two strains of simian foamy virus in wildlife imported as food — known as “bushmeat” — from three primate species: two mangabey monkeys and a chimpanzee, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). All of these animals are also endangered. Preliminary studies show that humans can contract simian foamy virus, but its long-term effects remain unknown. Could another AIDS-like epidemic therefore be on the horizon? The WCS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others are working now to prevent that from happening. A symposium called “Wildlife Conservation and Human Health” has taken place at Rockefeller University.

Diseases of wildlife origin that have impacted public health through the consumption or trade of wild animals include monkey pox, SARS, HIV/AIDS (stemming from human infection with simian immunodeficiency virus), and others. In addition to health implications, disease risks from the wildlife trade have had enormous economic impacts as well. The SARS outbreak of 2003—associated with trade in small carnivores and ultimately traced to bats —cost the international community an estimated $40-50 billion dollars in reactive health measures, declines in travel and commerce, and other cascading economic factors.

Mangabey monkey (Credit: Keven Law)

Smoked bushmeat for sale at market (Credit: Tom Daspit)

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4 Responses to “Bushmeat Diseases Now Entering New York”

  1. Anne Maher Says:

    Where are we going to end up? How is this ‘bushmeat’ getting into any country. How is it getting out of Kenya (along with the Ivory)? Where are the customs inspectors? Why are they believing the labels on containers or cargo? What a wonderful way to employ more people along with more rangers to prevent these crimes and activities. The Africans will be sorry when there is no wildlife and tourism left. Just add up what tourism is worth to any of these African countries. Get organized.

  2. I don’t understand how these booty scratchers are getting this funky mess through the airport, they must think it is their feet stinking like that when all the time it is bushmeat. Gorrillas are not for human consumption they are to remain in the wild and killed off by another animal- not by humans. The world is coming to an end very soon stay tune for armaggedon.

  3. These nuts are not good at all everything stinks.

  4. these ppl need to go somewhere with this mess this is animal cruelty. no monkeyz butt crack is gonna go down my throat they are the ones stinkin they proly ova der eatin crap what that man up there think he is jimmy walker oh he must be dj quick he aint nothin he neva gonna be nuthin he neva gonna get nuthin i HAVE A CONTRACT DAT SAYS HIS CRUSTY FACE SHELF NEEDA STOP UNLUSE HES GONNA BE STINK BUTT

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