Family of elephants shot to death a few hours ago + 2 soldiers dead

Sad news from Chadian front lines.  It is with great sadness that we inform you that earlier today a family of elephants had been killed by poachers. Additionally we have also been informed that two soldiers from the Chadian armed forces have been killed in a clash with a heavily armed poachers while discovering dead elephants near the area of Baibokum.

Our deep condolences to the families of these two brave soldiers and salute the Chadian government in its ongoing fight against poachers.

Bull that was recently discovered

6 Responses to “Family of elephants shot to death a few hours ago + 2 soldiers dead”

  1. Anne Maher Says:

    Deepest condolences to these families, friends & workmates. Deepest sadness for the Elephants of Chad and other parts also subjected to this Holocost. Chad is to be commended for their stand against these criminals. Become stronger and better equipped & win this battle to save your heritage and future. These wildlife belong to you – keep the greedy foreigners out with their lust for your assets ( wildlife) and the corruption of your people to commit these crimes. Save these remaining elephants you still have left. The majority of the rest of the world support you in this work. Be stronger, be successful. Beat them.

  2. Heiata Ferrand Says:

    My condolences to the famillies of these soldiers. I’m so sad and angry! Thanks to these 2 soldiers for fighted poachers until your last breathe.

  3. Ana Zinger Says:

    My condolences to the families of these two brave men.
    A family of elephants……….no words…….

  4. caroline Says:

    My heart breaks for this beautiful species !!!! I am also in mourning for the people killed along side the elephants !!! They did not die in vain, I have told my children and as many people as I can in order for this terrible act not to be a silent one . I will always be grateful to those incredible people who risk their lives for the animal kingdom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. sad reality … sad history.. I feel very sorry for those familiys and I would like to express my sincere condolences. Its the wrong that lost the fight.
    the world needs brave soldiers that are fighting for the good causes and even if this might not help killing the pain of these familiys but you should know that the did not die in vain.
    Dont loose the courage to fight !

  6. Barbara Stephens Says:

    Sending peace and love to the families that lost their loved ones in this horrific situation. These two brave soldiers are heros and they lived their lives with purpose. They will not be forgotten.

    Having spent the last four days and nights protesting Ringling Brothers Circus and their abusive and inhumane treatment of their circus elephants who were performing in my hometown, I am beyond saddened to hear of this situation. To run beside the elephants on the last night the circus was in town as they began their two mile walk to the train station was an experience that left me in awe of these beautiful animals. I have always loved elephants and in my small way I am trying to fight for their freedom.

    The bravery of these two soldiers and the honor in which they lost their lives is as beautiful and majestic as the elephants they were fighting for.

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