Lioness Speared to Death in Massailand

A lioness with three cubs was stabbed to death yesterday in Africa; it was a retaliatory killing for the killing of two goats by a lioness.  In accordance with tradition, a hunting party of morans (warriors) left to kill the lioness they thought responsible for the killings.  They stabbed her through the heart and head with two spears and killed her.  Then they cut off her feet, ears, and tail and buried her collar.  The fate of her cubs rests on the remaining pride members and Lomunyak, the mighty male. Since Narika’s death, Lomunyak has been heard roaring through the day, calling to his lost pride member.

Lion Guardians, a local conservation group that tries to protect African lions in Kenya’s Massailand, was trying to help keep the lioness alive by any means necessary but unfortunately in this case could not stop the hunters from killing her. The Lion Guardians play a vital role in this area because they help reduce conflict between humans and lions by educating communities, assisting herders, improving livestock enclosures and so on. Since the start of the project, Guardians have actively prevented over 20 hunting parties from killing lions.

The lioness Narika lounging in the shade on a hot day.

Narika after she was stabbed to death with her paws, tail, and ears removed.

To read the full article click here

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