Introducing Organization of the Day

If you look back throughout history it has always been a small group of dedicated individuals changing the world for the greater good. These days it’s even more pronounced than ever, with more and more micro organizations and grassroots projects paving the way for a better planet. These initiatives lead bottom-up solutions for sustainable development. They respond to local outcries for help and facilitate the interests and values of the communities involved.

It is important to recognize such organizations and individuals as they play a vital role in civil society. Why does it matter? Well, these organizations improve the lives of people and the environment around them. They engage local communities with a common goal and understand how local change can affect greater global issues.

In this section we would like to present and highlight the organizations and individuals we believe are improving the future for wildlife throughout the world. If you know of any organizations in particular that you’d like us to write about, please contact us.

Welcome to ORGANIZATION OF THE DAY… Click here to meet our first Organization Of The Day…

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