Brutal Black Rhino Slaying Leaves an Infant Orphaned

At 2 AM on Saturday a 14-year old black rhino carcass was found that in the Kwantu Game Reserve, which is only about 80 km from Port Elizabeth.  The rhino had been killed, then both of its’ horns had been removed and the body and had been partially covered with sticks.  This particular rhino was a female with a one-year old weaning calf that rangers are trying to find in order to assess whether or not it needs continued weaning.  Rhino calves normally wean for eighteen months, so it is important that the calf be found sooner rather than later in order to increase its chances of survival.  An investigation into the killing is currently underway, and all game reserves in the area are on high alert in case more attacks are planned.

The dead rhino’s head with both horns removed in Kwantu Game Reserve.

An orphaned black rhino calf

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2 Responses to “Brutal Black Rhino Slaying Leaves an Infant Orphaned”

  1. Ana Zinger Says:

    Thats soo said….I wish China would sink………

  2. Indeed cowards and cruel baberics are everywhere.

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