Bushmeat Agony and Ivory: Bushmeat Crisis and Elephant Poaching is only Increasing

Last year alone the conservative estimate for the number of elephants killed in Kenya is 220; while conservationists estimate that 36,000 elephants were poached worldwide last year.  In Kenya, this number is an increase of %400 from two years ago.  These elephants are being killed for their ivory, but this is not the only cause of poaching in Africa; the rampant bushmeat trade of everything from gorillas to antelope is the target of poachers.  Large bushmeat markets in Nairobi and other major cities keep these industrial-like poachers in business, as well as the desire for “exotic flavors” in the US and Western Europe.  This consistent poaching for meat, trophy, and ivory and pushing these fragile populations of African animals to the brink of extinction, and the rest of the world’s desires for these cheap African goods is what keeps the poachers going.

Forest elephant poached for its meat and Ivory in Congo

A poacher putting his catch of bushmeat into a sack for transport.

Smoked monkey for sale in a local market

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4 Responses to “Bushmeat Agony and Ivory: Bushmeat Crisis and Elephant Poaching is only Increasing”

  1. “….36,000 elephants were poached all over Africa last year….”

    I knew it was a bad situation, but THIRTY SIX THOUSAND?? I am absolutely flabbergasted by this number.

  2. That estimate is for worldwide numbers. Apologies for the error.

    “U.S. conservationists estimate that 36,000 elephants were poached last year.” -excerpt from the article

    Still an appalling number regardless.

  3. I agree – it doesn’t matter where on this planet… the collective murder of these magnificent sentient beings for gluttony, profit and vanity is just inexcusable.
    Thanks for shining light on this.

  4. 2010 is supposed to the the UN International year for Biodiversity. Each day we’re losing more species to the Bush Meat trade, to corrupt government polices and to habitat loss. When I first became of aware of the Bush Meat trade it was back in 1995. What gives me hope is that you are there to try to stop this terrible and pointless waste of our wildlife. The world needs it to survive. Heartbreaking images. Thanks for making us all aware of this terrible waste.

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