Meet The Lion Guardians

Until recently scientists believed there were 100-200,000 lions living in Africa, but a recent survey has found that the number has dropped dramatically to approximately 23,000, and most of these are living in protected National Parks. But outside these parks lions are being killed at an alarming rate, and unless urgent action is taken, they may be completely wiped out from these unprotected areas.

Living with Lions is a research and conservation group based in Kenya, whose projects work in unprotected areas  to save the remaining wild lions and other predators outside National Parks.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Lion Guardians.……Click here

To Learn more about Living with Lions and their outstanding projects…. Click here

One Response to “Meet The Lion Guardians”

  1. Ana Zinger Says:

    Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Long live lion guardians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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