Rhino Snipers…New Trend Emerges…

In an unprecedented turn of events Rhino poaching has reached a new level. It is without a doubt that the war on poaching and wildlife crimes has escalated to such a point where organized crime syndicates are getting involved. These are not your typical locals using machine guns, snares and spears. They are highly organized, highly trained individuals from crime  syndicates using high-tech weaponry and vehicles. They have systematically planned missions to go in, kill, and take what they need and leave without a trace.

On Monday 8 March 2010 two female Rhinos were illegally killed on the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in South Africa. From the evidence collected at the crime scene it is apparent that the perpetrators used a dart gun to kill the animals and that they were in a helicopter. The rhinos were overdosed with tranquilizers and killed. The poachers cut off the horns and left the crime scene by helicopter. The carcasses of the two animals were discovered by Nature Conservation staff of the City of Tshwane.

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3 Responses to “Rhino Snipers…New Trend Emerges…”

  1. Michael Rosssato-Bennett Says:

    wow, that makes me angry- lets put a price on the head of these poachers
    and hunt THEM with helicopters!!!

  2. Akhilesh Chipli Says:

    It is very shocked that poachers using dart guns and helicoptors to get just rhino’s horn (the horn is nothing but keratin which is available in our nails). Educate this to all who demand for rihno’s horn for medecine etc world wide. And, poachers should punish to the maximimum extent.

  3. Unfortunately we are getting into a downwards spiral. The more animals get killed, the more we have to protect them, the higher their value and the more they get poached. Dehorning will therefore not protect rhinos from being slaughtered, the price of rhino horn is so high that even the remains in the skull will be financially worthwhile.
    It is the end-user that needs to be educated in order to reduce the demand. Not an easy task….

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