Ivory Wars intensifies as Kenya Spearheading the fight

Patrick Omondi, the Head of Species Conservation and Management at the Kenya Wildlife Service, will be testifying in front of the US  congress.  He is seeking US support for his government’s proposal for a 20 year moratorium on the sale of elephant ivory.  All this is happening in the gear up for the major CITES conference March 13-25 in which many major African poaching issues will be discussed.

Patrick Omondi at the CITES conference in 2008 in Switzerland

Kenyan ivory stockpile burnt 1995.

2 Responses to “Ivory Wars intensifies as Kenya Spearheading the fight”

  1. A terrible loss of animals…Though poaching is impossible to eliminate, atleast hope that this is reducing now

  2. Billy Kindle Says:

    Hello my name is Billy kindle. Im doing a paper on poaching in africa. I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me. If you can please respond to my e mail BillyKindle@verizon.net

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