Almost half of all primates may soon be extinct

A new report has preservationists scrambling. The Independent reports that an international coalition claims that as much as 48 percent of the world’s 634 primate species are threatened with extinction. The group just released a list of the top 25 most endangered primates.

How has this happened? Destruction of tropical forests, illegal hunting and poachers have contributed to the rapid decline of indigenous primate populations around the globe. The report calls on governments around the world to take serious action against mass extinction. Otherwise, our closest relatives in nature will soon be gone.

A poached chimpanzee

A dead and gutted chimpanzee

To read the full article click here

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3 Responses to “Almost half of all primates may soon be extinct”

  1. I am devastated………is there no limitation to human cruelty? I am ashamed of my fellow humans.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Irma! Humans are the most dangerous predator on this planet:o( So much sad and horrible things they do to our beloved animals on this earth. What animals will there be left after 50 years…..
    Makes me so sad!!! And angry!!!

  3. Inhumans as I call them are the worst species on the planet and it is such a shame. I don’t know what it takes for people to realize their wrong doings and where compassion went.It makes me so sick to see this inhumane cruel acts against our animal friends. We are a vegetarian animal anyway,and poverty,wars,or nothing else cannot justify these cruel actions.Something must be done at the international level if not these beautifu animals will be banished from the planet.There is a huge Holocaust of animals being abused,killed,and tortured around the world.Some of the worst countries are China,Korea,and some of the African countries.Let’s stop this Nazi movement on Earth once and for all!!

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