Giraffes fitted with GPS collars in pioneering conservation project

Their necks on the line from poaching and habitat loss, giraffes in west Africa are being fitted with satellite-tracking collars in a bid to help conserve their numbers.

Threatened giraffes in west Africa have been equipped with satellite collars for the first time in a bid to protect the species. Eight animals were last week fitted with the GPS-tracking collars in Niger as part of a £25,000 research project funded by the British Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF).

A giraffe being fitted with a collar.

A giraffe struck and killed by a plane.

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One Response to “Giraffes fitted with GPS collars in pioneering conservation project”

  1. Are there laws against this? For without laws and enforcement of same (perhaps cash rewards and shoot-on-sight poacher clearance, if this is deemed illegal) would help to sustain a population. Without these checks in place the effort seems futile at best.

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