South Africa Army to fight Kruger National Park poachers…..

The  army is moving in to protects SA wildlife starting at Kruger National Park.  With possibly over 100 rhinos being killed in 2009. South Africa is taking the necessary steps to protect its wildlife..

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4 Responses to “South Africa Army to fight Kruger National Park poachers…..”

  1. I would just not take that armoured vehicle in. It is probably audible from 2 kilometers…..

  2. Greetings
    I am one of members from fona&flora concervation rangers .. a small group with success in the norh west. We have three units in the anti poaching devision active .. spes-ops , trailhunt and recon.

    I also did my time in the bats as an pathfinder.. now i am the training
    officer for the concervation rangers .

    If i have to say : army in kruger .. yes and no .. yes so they can do something for there country and learn someting … no .. they dont have
    the skills of working in adangerous game reserve.. They will shoot on side if an animal stork them ( just a warning from the animal ) incedents
    and accsedent will rice in the platoons.

    If i have to deploy vehicles in the kruger i will only let them use the primery roads to escort troop and pick up poachers.. soldiers have to walk to find snares and have to be recon to get to the poacher.

    and what …? they only going to work in the day ? no investigations .
    i believe.. if small units is used.. maybe it will reduse the poaching

    Big units … will be a problem to the nature and animals :
    also to the tourist

    shots fired …. where is that bullet going ? they use fire and moovement to keep heads down … in a contact .. some of the guns is load with traicers that can start a fire.

    thank u

    • Hi Marius,

      We would love to hear more about what you are doing and share it with our readers. Pls shoot us an email with your contact info to BushWarriors(at)Gmail (dot) com . Thank you so much and looking forward to hear from you. the BW Team

  3. Well I sure wouldn’t want to take on the SA Army – this is exactly what is needed to go against this vile business I wish I could be there along side of them fighting against the poachers -:) So proud so thankful for these people and the work being done to stop the slaughtering !

    Thank you SA Army !!!

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