Elephant Dung May Stop Ivory Poaching

The ivory trade was banned several years ago, but poachers have continued to kill elephants for their prized tusks. These ivory tusks are made into valuable items like figurines and jewelry that are treasured by people all over the world. The unfortunate side effect of these poachers continuing to hunt and kill elephants for their tusks is that the population of African elephants dropped quickly from over 1 million just over one-half million in a short time period. Poaching is the illegal killing of elephants so that their tusks can be harvested and smuggled to other countries so that ivory products can be produced and sold for a great deal of money. Elephant dung may actually be the key to helping to control the number of poachers getting away with this crime in the name of the ivory trade. Knowing how elephant dung can help elephants is sure to pique the interest of anyone who loves elephants and nature.

We can only hope that elephant dung can help to prevent this…

And this…

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One Response to “Elephant Dung May Stop Ivory Poaching”

  1. this is really digusting I mean I did a project on them a few years ago and I swear that it was greater than what it is now I’m so sick of nowing that an animal is getting hunted for what belongs to them would they like it if they were born with I don’t know gold teeth and someone killed them just for basically money no probablly not so I feel they shouldn’t be doing such shit like this I think they are just jealous of something they never got for themselves
    btw those pics made me nearly vomet thats how bad it was
    I hope this stops

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