2009 tough year for poachers

Illegal hunting cases in Serengeti National Park have increased by seven per cent since 2002 but within this fiscal year alone a total of 1028 poachers were arrested.

“In the last seven years we have also managed to disable around 480,000 traps that were laid by illegal hunters targeting some species of animals but ending up killing both the intended and unintended wild animals,” Mr. Mtango Mtahiko the Chief Park Warden for Serengeti told a parliamentary committee that visited the area recently.

Big game hunting for trophies is another source of the rampant poaching problem in Africa.  I sure hope that lion head looks good on the mantle place.

An increase in poaching arrests over the past seven years is an indication as to the rise of the deaths of more and more of Africa’s large, endangered, wild species.

Read the full article here

One Response to “2009 tough year for poachers”

  1. people NEED to realize this problem isnt going away and we have to wake up and stop it right now

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