Kenya urges world to sustain ban on trade in ivory, rhino horns

Kenyan Forestry and Wildlife Minister, Noah Wekesa has called on the international community to sustain the ban on trade in ivory and rhino horns. He faulted Tanzania for coming up with a proposal on the sale of ivory to be discussed in next years CITES meeting in Doha without consulting its neighbour Kenya yet it has shared elephant populations in the Masai Mara-Serengeti, Tsavo West-Mkomazi and Amboseli-Kilimanjaro.

Seized tusks from poachers…

More illegal Ivory

Read the full article here

6 Responses to “Kenya urges world to sustain ban on trade in ivory, rhino horns”

  1. This is very sad for elephants

  2. Stop this sale of Ivory

  3. This ban should get put in prison


  5. GO where you belong

  6. Sale them; Africans should start eating Rhinos. Who would want these things in their backyards. Clear the jungles and give the people the land to farm. Westerners should take them and allow them to run freely in rural areas in England, America and France. Times Square can used a couple Rhinos and elephants. The City woiuld attract much more visitors.

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