Poachers kill 65 elephants, 30 rhinos in Zimbabwe

Due to recent shift on the African political landscape,  International crime syndicates take advantage of the situation and are threatening the survival of rare African wildlife species. A recent press release by AFP confirms this report.

Some images from gruesome aftermath:

9 Responses to “Poachers kill 65 elephants, 30 rhinos in Zimbabwe”

  1. what’s the action plan to prevent this in a continent where human life amounts to nothing, let alone animal life?

    • dorigurwitz Says:

      Its up to us in the western world to push our governments and media to address this issue and bring it into to the light. This is a global concern. If nothing gets done we will loose these animals for good. We intend to create awareness. This is the first step. Soon we will share with you some initiatives that we are working on. In the meantime pls share this with anyone you know and ask the to sign to our email alerts.

  2. This is horrible and cruel. Thanks for sharing this and bringing about awareness!

  3. What happened to the CAMPFIRE Project in Zim? (Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources) – It was gaining momentum with local communities before 2000 and we so hoped that poaching would decline as communities saw wildlife more valuable alive than dead! But since 2000 things have declined politically, people are starving and the poachers move in… This is the result – It makes me unbearably sad, and ashamed to be human in a dying animal’s eyes!

  4. ohh my Im just doing a speech on this I didn’t know that it was this Bad thanks for the help1

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this to the world! I’d love to see this around more, on the television, or around some how. I am a 7th grader and I have been researching on poaching for a while and this really moved me. These pictures are very scary to think about. (Sorry for the misspelled words!!) Thank you very much!!

  6. This is sick, really sick these pictures need maximum exposure but blaming western governments is not the path to take. Maybe let western workers have more freedom to work in these regions and use western money to help stop or at least police this kind of thing. Lastly reserves are cleary important now more than ever. Protect what is left and help rebuild the numbers again.

  7. how sad. once poachers have killed sold, eaten and spent what they have killed, what will they do? kill each other and themselves?

    honestly there is no solution worth actualizing without putting millions behind bars or executing them. governments are usually to blame but let’s face it we’re all human, selfish and ignorant to the needs of others.

    if a charity was set up with the sole purpose of killing wrong doers i would happily donate. not very pc but it will get the job done quicker than spending money, time and emotion preaching to the uninterested.

    rant over. and i’m such a bad person for saying this stuff so correct me eternally.

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