The Issue

There is a war taking place on our planet for which there are no headlines, no demonstrations, no voice. It is a war against some of the most endangered species on earth, and it takes place in some of the most beautiful and majestic biospheres of Africa that are yet to be fully explored . Unseen and untouched by the Western world, it is the perfect place to hide the atrocious acts that are being committed.

One Response to “The Issue”

  1. diz iz not done wat d bloody heel d goverment iz doing..!!
    olbulshit…diz iz wat independence india is..but but were r d rights of animal..i mean we need 2 share our planet eartrh diz iz not done only manifestiation and humans does not own diz place itz not sum1 private propery..and wat do u say 4 d goverment of india…nara lagana toh hume bhi aata hai…ol diz iz ridicious…even dey hve life and rigt 2 exist…and den dey do poaching ellegaly and afterwardz dey say we r trying 2 save diz iz wat d result iz..isee accha toh hammara purana bharat mahan thha…thankz buudy jiske bhi site thii..i saw d pictures and waz dumstruck and thought 2 rite sumthing 2 take out ma frustation of dese pics..addha bol kar khha gayye aur aada lik diya..yhankz a lot keep it up..!!

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